Crysis 3 E3 Demo

I captured the following images for the E3 demo of Crysis 3 revealed to the public in June 2012. It features large-scale environments with sandbox gameplay. The level, also available in the final game, was a perfect showcase of the CryEngine lighting capabilities, with deep dark canyon, bright open sections, large view distances over and from the dam, and interiors with hundreds of dynamic lights.

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GDC Europe 2011: Lighting in Crysis 2

This presentation is part of my talk at the GDC Europe 2011 in Cologne with Tiago Sousa. It introduces the lighting features of the different iterations of the CryENGINE and presents the lighting challenges encountered in Crysis 2 from both an artistic and a technical point of view.


GDC Talk Video
Lighting in Crysis 2 PDF
Lighting in Crysis 2 PPTX
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