GDC Europe 2013: Shining the Light on Crysis 3

GDC Europe 2013 Session: Shining the Light on Crysis 3  (Monday, 8/19)

This presentation is part of my talk at the GDC Europe 2013 in Cologne, Germany. The 50 minutes session goes through the production of Crysis 3 and showcases important lighting principles for creating appealing scenes.

I also explain how physics can help create better materials and textures, using physically-based rules, and how the CryEngine lighting features were used in Crysis 3 to create one of the best visual experiences in a video game.

Furthermore, several case studies provide a clearer demonstration of the methods and workflows I used to design the lighting for outdoor, indoor and cinematic scenes.

Enjoy 30 additional bonus slides as well, that were not shown during the talk, as 50 minutes is rarely enough to talk about such a wide topic of discussion.



GDC Talk Video
Shining the Light on Crysis 3 PDF


Pierre-Yves Donzallaz (Senior Lighting Artist: speaker)