Crysis 3 E3 Demo

I captured the following images for the E3 demo of Crysis 3 revealed to the public in June 2012. It features large-scale environments with sandbox gameplay. The level, also available in the final game, was a perfect showcase of the CryEngine lighting capabilities, with deep dark canyon, bright open sections, large view distances over and from the dam, and interiors with hundreds of dynamic lights.


HD PNG screenshots


Pierre-Yves Donzallaz (Lighting Artist: level art, final polishing, lighting and capture)

Additional Art

Magnus Larbrant (Art Director)
Marcel Schaika, Stefan Heinrich, Robert Hodri (Environment Artists)
Ronny Muehle (Vegetation Artist)
Manuel Wirks (Character Artist: CELL characters)
Gregor Kopka (3D Artist: weapons)
Mihai Titoiu (Concept Artist)